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Featuring track: Christmas Flows
2017 - Where developments on a global scale as well as in our personal life seem to be more challenging than ever, the opportunities are rising likewise. It is often we wait for the world to change, while it is really ourselves that make the world into what it may be. The forces that lie behind Christmas' promise may help us to look beyond our limitations and create a life we never had thought possible. For everyone's benefit.

The album takes you on a trip along folky lines, by Celtic rivers, over chasms, into lush green pastures, opening up an ever changing panorama of distant mountain peaks, racing clouds, silent pools, under blazing sun or misty shrouds.

Newest (Xmas) tracks Available (all tracks free):

A. One Shoe Fits All
B. Hands Of Christ (113)
C. Free_The_Light (113)
D. Good Tidings (dedicated to Robbert J.Heijnis) (112)
E. Christmas A Child For All (to Kirian Yari) (111)
F. Christmas A Universe Regained (102)
Crossing Over Album Tracks:
1. Rivers Join (103)
2. Season Queen

3. Crossing Over (107)
4. Looking Back (108)
5. Illusion (105)
6. Disconnection (106)
7. Love Has No Back Door (109)
8. Unbind The Knot (Magic Handfasting) (101)
9. On Irish Wings (110)
10. The Way Of Things (104)
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