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Featuring track: One Shoe Fits All
Latest X-mas song with 12-string Guitar, piano, flute, tenor recorder, violin, synth, base, voice.
There seems to be no answer to todays turmoil, nor any way to cope with it on a personal level. Yet there are signs of new hope and awakening, although we may fail to see how these will turn the tide when that is needed most, being no more than tokens of an undercurrent ever growing in intensity as worldwide awareness waxes. While situations are becoming too complex for us to gauge, no simple remedy will cure all that is going wrong. All we can do is to rely on this undercurrent and feed the one force that is behind it, by practicing the single solution the song rejoices in.


10 August
From now on, all tracks are free. Press Get your track and I will send it by e-mail.

18 December
Hold it - the year should not pass without a new X-mas song. Back with a vengeance after dealing with family issues.. How many times can one start a new life? Guess...

27 June
Wrote 11 new songs since a year ago. It is about time to start recording them. And... Looking for a guitar player for my gigs.

2 June
Irish sessions, each first sunday of the month, 14:00, our location De Bospub has been renewed.

2 May
Concentrating on playing Irish sessions, at leas 2 ballads of mine fit easily in.

22 January
Apologies for being offline... problems with providers. Happy new year to all I forgot to send my wishes to.

8 december
Lyrics for Christmas A Child For All added

7 december
Sacrifice Of Motherhood is online today (see right, Work In Progress), dedicated to a woman who died last october in Ireland because she could not get an abortion.

26 november
Started lately on percussion: a 12" Bodhran, for that Christmas song, sounds like a Celtic war drum.

18 november
Today's 9 o'clock news, abortion refused in Ireland, I had to put it down in a new song rightaway.

14 november
Wrote a new Christmas song, soon to be released. Watch me..

5 november
Yesss...Album released.

28 october
Solo album is due next week... watch this space.

8 october
Song lyrics available at lyrics page....

5 october
Had my photo session by Astrid Wijngaard, time for a photo album page....

4 october
Finally figured out what's going to be on my album:

1. Rivers Join 04:14 - 2007, remix 2012
2. Season Queen (To my love unknown) 03:48 - 2009, rec. 2012
3. Crossing Over (The side of love) 04:16 - 2012
4. Looking Back 04:17 - 1983 rerecorded 2012
5. Illusion 04:03 - 1983 rerecorded 2012
6. Disconnection 03:29 - 1983 rerecorded 2012
7. Love Has No Back Door 04:03 -2009 rec. 2012
8. Unbind The Knot (Magic handfasting) 05:11 - 2011
9. On Irish Wings 04:37- 2012
10. The Way Of Things 04:39 -2007

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Crossing Over   
The album takes you on a trip along folky lines, by Celtic rivers, over chasms, into lush green pastures, opening up an ever changing panorama of distant mountain peaks, racing clouds, silent pools, under blazing sun or misty shrouds.

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Newest Tracks Available (all tracks free):

A. Free_The_Light (113)
B. Good Tidings (dedicated to Robbert J.Heijnis) (112)
C. Christmas A Child For All (to Kirian Yari) (111)
D. Christmas A Universe Regained (102)
Crossing Over Album Tracks:
1. Rivers Join (103)
2. Season Queen

3. Crossing Over (107)
4. Looking Back (108)
5. Illusion (105)
6. Disconnection (106)
7. Love Has No Back Door (109)
8. Unbind The Knot (Magic Handfasting) (101)
9. On Irish Wings (110)
10. The Way Of Things (104)
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Where did this all start...Born in Amsterdam where I was raised on milk, butter and music.
No better place to grow up than with parents loving music more than life. Sources were radio and 78-rpm hand-started player, and a box stuffed with classical and folk music records. My mother filled the gaps with her legacy repertoire. The kids did most of their singing in the back of the car. Soon little me was being equipped with an harmonica. Enabling him to create his own 2nd voices. Then came a dull period when serieus music lessons started on flutes, the recorder type, in a class room with lots of other kids.
One day they brought in a piano, my brother's favourite. I courted it for a year but changed it for a greater love: the neigbour's violin. My brother meant it as a joke, but the violin turned out to be a lover that wasn't easily kept satisfied.
The lonely job of climbing to an acceptable level was mitigated somewhat by creating my own songs with the help of a cheap guitar. Since then a few bands have come and gone, and after a few years as a sound engineer I started my own studio. While earning a living as an IT professional, I rediscovered the harmonica and the violin, so now most of my time goes into playing and writing new songs. It is great to hear people like my music! So if you come around, please don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it.

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