Christmas A Child For All

For Kirian Yari
Key: Fm/F

Child for all

For the weary and the lonely
For those living in despair
For the ones afraid of living
having too much pain to bear
For the ones who lost their children
to war waging cruelty
had to give up their beloved
in the name of tyranny

There is love, there is compassion
comfort coming to their soul
There's a promising new future
for the world's becoming whole

There is comfort for the grieving
There is healing for the hearts
damaged beyond hope and mending
coming from beyond the stars
Warmth is spreading where the bodies
have grown weary with the cold
Truth and justice are prevailing
where corruption ruled of old

For a child was born in token
of God's mercy on our fate
not a knight in armour - naked
comes the final alternate

And with every child delivered
to the family of man
hope and love are brought upon us
life has been renewed again
Their descent onto this planet
in whose broken world we live
deems her worthy of their beauty
all the love that they can give

In this way they carry forward
- powerless as they may seem -
the compelling tale of Christmas
all our sorrow to redeem

Gerbrand R. Heijnis
13-14 november 2012

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